Zazen Bear Launches Limited Edition Stardust Collection Jewelry at Oscars Gifting Suite in Los Angeles February 2017

Zazen Bear’s newest jewelry collection, called Stardust, will be launched in Los Angeles the week of 88th Academy Awards in an Oscar gifting suite for celebrities. In addition to its Stardust collection, a limited edition of pendants filled with floating semi-precious gemstones and charms, Zazen Bear will present its other Zen inspired jewelry whose designs are based on the calm, repetitive motifs in a traditional Zen garden and are the basis of the company’s philosophy.

Zazen Bear’s Stardust jewelry is a limited collection of oval and hexagonal pendants filled with cut crystals, floating charms and semi-precious gemstones cut into different shapes. Other collections being presented at the gifting suite include Zen Garden I and Zen Garden II and Connected. The Posey collection has words like “Balance”, “Calm”, “Zen”, “Meditation” and “Peace of Mind” engraved on the outside of the ring bands. The jewelry is either 14kt gold or 14kt gold-plated sterling silver.    

Behind each piece of Zazen Bear jewelry is the secret to finding calm and clarity. Taking inspiration from the Zen philosophy of finding harmony in one’s life, Zazen Bear channels a feeling of inner peace in all its jewelry and gifts for the home. Hand painted ceramic tea sets and serving trays accented with gold leaf, mugs,…

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