Young Women, Dating and Self Defense Weapons

Many Women will undoubtedly experience some form of violence in dating relationships. Self defense weapons can help aid you with your protection against this behavior.  The statistics show one in every third women had experienced violent acts while in dating relationships.

Self Defense Weapons can even out your partner’s overwhelming desire to control and harm you.   

Victims come from all social and economic lines, most being women of younger age.  These young adults are at a much higher risk of becoming a victim of a violent date crime. 

Having a safety plan in place at all times is an essential tool for young women.   Many of these men believe that they have the rights to control you and by any means.  These men feel the need to be physically aggressive and will have power over their woman.

Many women believe that the responsibility of problem solving with their relationships is on them.  They consider a jealous and domineering partner to be romantic or that he truly cares.  Women in these types of situations will probably not turn to anyone to seek help.  Their self esteem is gone, they are afraid of what he may do if he finds them.

If all woman knew what early signs to identify on a relationship becoming abusive they may have a better understanding and get out prior to them believing there’s nowhere to go; that they are stuck in this abusive relationship without realizing they are even in one to begin with.  You must believe that you are indeed a valuable person who deserves to be treated with respect.  Self defense weapons can give you confidence and certainly the protection you need to take a stand against this abusive behavior.   

It’s crucial that you ALWAYS CARRY your SELF DEFENSE WEAPONS.  If you don’t carry it, it can’t help you. When you first meet an individual that you may feel you want to date you might want to consider double-dating the first few times you go out with a new person.

It’s best for your first date that you drive…

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