You can now test Rainbow Six Siege’s active matchmaking

Update May 19, 2017: Rainbow Six Siege’s Technical Test Server now allows players to change loadouts and attachments while waiting for a game.

With the first wave of the Operation Health changes now live, members of the Rainbow Six Siege Technical Test Server subreddit have been beavering away to find all of the major changes. One of these features is Siege’s active matchmaking, which allows players to actively change Operator loadouts and attachments while queueing for a game. Gone are the days of waiting in the same window until all the slots finally fill up for a match.

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You should also now get a desktop notification whenever you successfully joined a match in Rainbow Six Siege, with its program icon turning red.

As for gameplay changes, a common spawn peek spot in the Archive area of the Consulate map has been filled in with crates, and Kapkan can now place traps a lot easier. Operator hitboxes are now molded to their bodies, rather than the gear they are wearing and it’s now much easier to see when you’ve run out of uses of your Operator gadget.

The TTS also shows the new Operation Health menus, which has Doc looking pensive as you navigate through the menus. With one of the new menu screens showing Doc wearing a lab coat, some fans are taking this to be his new Elite skin. This seems doubtful, as a bright white labcoat doesn’t actually seem the best attire for staying inconspicuous. Plus, imagine it getting trapped in one of the wall reinforcements.

Once Ubisoft provides up-to-date patch notes for Operation Health, we’ll let you know about all of the new changes which should hopefully give Rainbow Six Siege a clean bill of health.

Original story May 17, 2017: The first stages of Ubisoft Montreal’s controversial Operation Health appear to be under way according to a Reddit post from Rainbow Six Siege community manager Its_Epi….

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