Women’s NCAA tournament – Morgan William ranks among 10 greatest women’s NCAA tournament performances

OKLAHOMA CITY — In the exciting, emotional, immediate aftermath of making it to the Women’s Final Four, Morgan William didn’t quite realize the magnitude of her individual performance Sunday. That’s not the way she’s wired, though: She’s a point guard who is used to taking on all the responsibility of what happens to her team, without taking any of the credit.

Yet as much as Mississippi State’s 94-85 overtime victory against No. 1 seed Baylor in the Oklahoma City Regional final was a great team accomplishment, it will be long-remembered as the “Morgan William Show.” At 5 feet, 5 inches — well, that’s what her height is generously listed at, anyway — she’s an inspiration to the “vertically challenged” everywhere.

William had 41 points, seven assists and no turnovers. In a game in which there were so many other potential leading scorers on both sides, one of the most improbable players piled up the most points.

“I’m just so proud of her,” Bulldogs teammate Dominique Dillingham said. “People doubt her as a point guard, just because of how small she is. They’re not valid in that. I love the way she plays.”

So how did William’s overall performance Sunday stack up against the greatest games all time in the NCAA women’s tournament? It’s a very tough task, and sure to provoke debate. Also, such lists typically tend to skew toward the more recent. But we’ll take a shot at ranking the best in the Big Dance, which for the women dates back to 1982.

1. Sheryl Swoopes, Texas Tech, forward: It still remains at the top. Swoopes, who would go on to professional and Olympic glory, scored 47 points in beating Ohio State 84-82 in the…

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