What You Are Working for Decides Your Working Attitude

An indigenous tribe in Africa welcomed the tourists from USA. Although the tribal people had no market concept, they also could not let this opportunity go.

There was an old man in the tribe sitting under a big tree leisurely. He weaved the straw hats while enjoying the cool breeze. The completed straw hats were lined up by his side for tourists to pick and purchase. The hats styles were very unique and the color collocation was very fantastic. So, many tourists bought the hats for memory.

At this time a shrewd businessman saw the straw hats woven by the old man, and he thought of a good idea to make money. If he could convey these hats to America, there was no doubt that he could make at least ten times of profit. So, he talked to the old man excitedly: “How much is the hat?” “Ten dollars” The old man smiled to him and continued to weave straw hat. His comfortable status made people feel that he was not working but enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

“If I buy 100 thousands of hats and sell it in America, I must get a lot of benefits.” The business man was so proud of his talents in doing business. Then he said to the old man: “If I order 10,000 hats here, do you like to give me discount?” He thought the old man must be pleased, but the old man frowned to say: “If you order 10,000 hats, the hat price should be 20 dollars.” “Why!” The business man was so surprised and he shouted to the old man. The old man answered: “It is a kind of leisure to me to sit under the tree to weave hats without burden. But if you asked me to weave the same hats for such large amounts, I have to work day and night. I am not only tired but also exhausted in spirit. Don’t you think you need to pay me more money?”

Just the old man said, if the work cannot be a kind of pleasure but a repeating, it really makes people bored. However, we have to work in such way for specific benefits. What you are working for is one issue we need to consider. Only people who…

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