What a Day: Meetings bring great ideas, if you can survive them

When I look around at all the people in my community who work so hard to make a difference, I feel like a slacker.

Most of my public service is spent as a trustee for the Placentia Library District.

Basically, I go to meetings once a month, and attend special events around town to spread the library’s latest news.

This past week, however, I got to stretch my trustee muscles until I thought they might snap. In 2019, our Placentia library will be 100 years old. It is actually older than our city.

To honor our centennial, we’re looking for a way to update the building and give it a more flexible floorplan, in keeping with the library’s duty to the community to provide a public place to learn something new. Updating a library requires three basic things: the community’s input, a plan and money.

For months, we’ve been gathering input, from library users, to staff members, to people who would use the library if we had “fill in the blank.” Using that, we now have two plans for the space. You would think all we need is the money.

We do, but not yet.

First, we need the community’s input again. We listened, but is that what they meant?

Last week, I attended four meetings in two days, all to present the design options to different groups. First, we met with city administrators, since we share the Civic Center with them. Afterward, we met with the library staff, trustees and Friends of the Library board members.

In the evening, we opened the discussions to the Placentia residents. This was important to us, and although the group was small, it was very diverse. Finally, we got to present to the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District superintendent and several members of his team.

By Tuesday, I felt I was in the movie “Groundhog Day,” experiencing the same discussion, over and over. They were all good discussions, giving us a lot of feedback for what was most important to them.

It’s entirely my fault that I can’t remember who…

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