We Are Witnessing Slow Death of the American Worker

Years before, the US economy produced a seemingly continuous job opportunities to the American public, which helped them to live their life, raise their children and manage food and shelter for their family. The scenario has greatly changed now. Changes have occurred in the economy of the country and it has devalued the American workers. The technological advances, robotics, etc. have slashed a big fraction of the manpower-need pyramid. A task that required a huge work force in the past now just requires some machines operated by one or two individual. As obvious that technological advancements are something that can never be wrapped back, these need for human laborers are never going to be regained. Therefore, the results we are witnessing today are permanent and going to be the same. 

Apart from the lack in jobs due to the technological advancements, there are some other jobs too that need to be taken into consideration and something could have been done for it. These jobs are not going to be affected by the technological advancements. Still, they are not available in America. The only reason for this is that large corporations have shifted offices overseas, where the salaries to be paid are lower and the task is done at a lower investment. The free trade agreement done by the politicians is playing a role here. The profits earned by the US corporations is surging high and is at the highest comparing its presence in the US GDP but the wages being paid to the labors is at its all time lowest. This shows a huge gap between the corporations functioning in the US and the labors.

Decades before, any person in America who was willing to work hard in any sector would easily get a job. Today, it is a huge competitive market where you need to sell your skills through the best marketing skills so that you are selected for a post. This is not the case for a high paying job, which puts you to the top of an organizational hierarchy. The competition is brutally a…

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