Watch: Jon Stewart has some advice for the media

The former “The Daily Show” host visited Stephen Colbert on Monday and had some suggestions on how to cover President Donald Trump.

Jon Stewart apparently misses his old job.

The former host of “The Daily Show” misses his satirical news program so much, he claimed in an appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” on Monday night, that he maintains a tunnel running from his farm to Colbert’s desk.

Colbert scooted over and gave Stewart a chair and a pen, and then the two friends jostled for space at the desk before Stewart admitted he misses commenting on current affairs and is now forced to “spend the whole day yelling about Trump to the animals.”

Stewart then hammered Trump for lying, claiming that “Trump lies more in one press conference than CNN does in a year and this is coming from a guy, who as you know, hates CNN.”

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Stewart then showed a clip of Trump claiming  he received the most electoral college votes since Ronald Reagan, which is true, Stewart said, only if you discount every president elected since Reagan.

When Colbert says that perhaps Trump is just exaggerating as opposed to lying on purpose, Stewart stops him and plays a clip that shows Trump saying “believe me” over and over. Stewart says the mere fact that Trump uses that phrase is proof that his words are intentional falsehoods.

“Nobody says ‘believe me’ unless they are lying,” Stewart claims.

Stewart then says he wants to talk to “the media.”

He turns toward a camera and leans in intimately as if giving advice to a recently spurned paramour.

“Hey media, so I heard Donald Trump broke up with you,” he said. “It stings a little, doesn’t it? You finally thought you’d met your match, a blabbermouth who’s as thin-skinned and narcissistic as you are. Well, now it’s over. Well, good riddance I say, kick him to the curb.”

“It is time for…

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