‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Assistance Announced by AcademyX, Leading San Francisco Training Company


Purchasing and transacting in bitcoin can be fraught, especially for the uninitiated.

San Francisco-based technology training firm, AcademyX Inc., is proud to announce an innovative rebate program for the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware that has been afflicting computers across the United States and other countries. The malware has been spreading globally, encrypting the files on users’ computers and requiring a ransom payment to unlock them. AcademyX sent an email to its customer base of 22,000 subscribers, offering to pay the bitcoin ransom in full if necessary.

“It’s terrible to think about losing, for example, photos of your kids — with your only recourse being to give your credit card number to a company you’ve never heard of so you can get $300 worth of a digital currency you don’t know how to use. Even then, you’re relying on a cybercriminal to decrypt your data,” explains AcademyX CEO Stephen Fraga, who has followed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since their early inception.

To learn more about AcademyX, visit https://www.academyx.com/. To inquire about this bitcoin offer vis-a-vis the ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack, visit the ‘contact us’ page and either call or email in and mention ‘WannaCry.’ Offer is limited to the first twenty five inquiries or when reserved funds have expired.

AcademyX has provided pro bono volunteer help to schools and nonprofits in the past, but according to Fraga, “as a training company, we love to solve the frustrations our students have with technology and we saw this as an opportunity to use our technology expertise to help our customers solve a potentially devastating problem. While paying a ransom does incentivize future malware attacks, and should only be a last resort,…

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