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Ceremony Mary Alice and the ABC news and I die you’re hot you’re decked out it’s easy you know what’s. You live now again. Can you tell me your name yeah they’ll run them. Read outright and regular friends these can’t OK and you are saying Rick delegate the national convention in Ohio and I’m summer Allan Donald Trump okay. They want a delegate or. Q are you surprised that this race is as close as it is hot rental of the they’re not on. Confident we’re gonna pull it out. It out of here but to slim margin New Orleans. But still so we’ll former Republican congressman Tom Franks won back in November by over. Twenty points but the fact that it tight back and think about your home town. Now we’re changing and I think getting a little. No. Carol I’ve campaigned for her over the years for a variety of positions. So I know overwhelms you like this don’t conservative Republicans also offers everything we don’t need. Putting an adaptation of puppet for publicity. And he’s just pretending to be. Moderate right now could. It is not only. Democrat but also the Republican. I don’t think he has anybody who. There was vocal Republican chair. In the district over just next door yesterday that sent that he office shooting last week. In Alexandria Virginia where congressman who is shocked but could help parent and to win. I was eating sort of said the victim. I think the Austin. Did you think that that’s sort of talk is it appropriate adding is it true that packet the packet and really impact politics I’m here. So blunt everything they one go to war politics and pay their not long time ago that statistic. Aspects of politics one has to get elected the other is to serve and the two…

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