Video mail – A visual clip right in your inbox

Mails were replaced by e-mails, but texts remained. Texts have mostly been dry. No matter how good a craftsman of words you are, it often lacked the emotions that you actually were going through while writing a letter or an e-mail. Now, you no more would have to miss out on any emotion while you are e-mailing. Just capture yourself on video and send a video mail to your close ones.  

Read on to know how video messages in your mailbox can be helpful in different situations:

In Business and at work:

There might have been a scenario that you have a team meeting in office, or a conference, or presentation. However, any one member of the team might be unable to join it. It can be an excellent way to record the meeting and send an audio visual mail to the person so that he or she can follow up. This way the person can have a look at the video clip and might ask doubts and come up with his points.

Sharing with your family:

Your son is turning one year of age, and your spouse had to be on a business trip at that time. A business trip: something, which he or she just could not avoid. Let them not miss the moments. Record the event and send a video mail to them. With video mail there is no more missing any event anymore. A celebration, a party, a family get-together; just record and send a video clip.

Stay connected with friends:

Party, groove, and sing! Get yourself recorded and send a video mail to your friends. Let them know, how much fun you had. What better way to let your…

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