Utah hiker recounts scary exchange with wild mountain goat

Screenshot, YouTube

While hiking in Mount Timpanogos on Sunday, Kevin Slider said a mountain goat right toward him.

Kevin Slider says he hikes Mount Timpanogos 15 times in the summer.

But this past weekend, something happened to him for the first time. He faced off with a mountain goat in a field of snow.

Slider told the Deseret News in a phone interview that he was walking on a trail when he noticed a mountain goat from far away. He pulled out his phone to snap photos. But when the goat got within 2 feet of him, he decided to film the encounter in case he was attacked.

He published the video to YouTube over the weekend.

The goat, which was acting friendly when Slider, who was kneeling when he first encountered it, turned aggressive once Slider stood up.

“I think when I stood up it was kind of more of a threat, maybe. Like I wanted to fight, maybe. I don’t know,” he said.

He added later, “It almost looked like he was stalking, just kind of the way he mosied up to me. I never experienced that.”

Slider said the goat ran took off down the slope. Suddenly it turned around again and started to chase Slider again.

“I hit the trail and never looked back,” he said.

Slider said…

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