USA Cycling Wants You Back

Insurance: the core of the Ride membership is a $25,000 supplemental insurance policy for accidents at organized rides. Crucially, says Bouchard-Hall, this includes any event ride, regardless of whether it’s run under a USA Cycling permit or not. This is separate from the insurance policies offered to event promoters – it follows the individual rider.

Legal assistance: members get access to BikeLaw, a network of attorneys in 21 states and the District of Columbia who specialize in cycling issues, including a free initial consultation within 24 hours if you’re involved in a crash.

Roadside assistance: Much like programs from AAA and other organizations, members get 24-hour roadside assistance from a national network of tow trucks from a single 800 number. That includes a free ride home (up to 20 miles) or flat tire assistance. 

Safety advocacy: Bouchard-Hall says that he wants USA Cycling to have a bigger voice on the issue of cyclist rights and safety. While there are a number of bike advocacy organizations, he points out that most have other areas of focus; IMBA is centered on trail access, and People for Bikes is targeted mostly at improving on-road facilities and participation. “We think someone needs to be a voice for cyclists’ rights and safety,” says Bouchard-Hall. He anticipates partnering with other sport governing bodies like Ironman or USA Triathlon for a unified voice. “It’s a step to becoming relevant to the general enthusiast for cycling,” he says. A successful role would benefit all cyclists, not just USAC members, but he hopes that that would lead to people at least viewing USAC in a positive light. “I think we’ll do some good work to support cyclists, and they’ll want to support us,” he says.

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Support for Athlete Programs: USA Cycling has a roughly $15 million a year budget. Of that, says Bouchard-Hall, they have just $4 million to spend on athlete programs….

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