Union Organizers Continue Criticism of University’s Response to Immigration Petition | News

Some Harvard graduate students continue to criticize Harvard’s response to President Donald Trump’s immigration orders more than a month after they presented a petition to University President Drew G. Faust requesting additional support for international students.

More than 800 people have signed the petition, which the International Student Working Group prepared last month. It urges Harvard to provide more legal, mental health, and immigration support resources for international students affected by Trump’s orders.

On Jan. 27, Trump released an executive order that temporarily banned immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries. On Feb. 2 and Feb. 21, Faust signed letters to Trump urging him to repeal the order.

Although the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed that order, Trump released an updated version of the ban that bars immigrants from six majority-Muslim countries from entering the United States. A Hawaii district court struck down the ban before it could take effect.

In the petition, delivered to Faust on Feb. 21, students asked for legal and financial support for international students, as well as “immediate and transparent communication” about the effects that immigration policy changes could have on students.

In response to Trump’s orders, Harvard held 18 information sessions about the bans that attracted over 1,000 students. The University has also offered written legal advice to students affected by the ban through the Immigration and Refugee Clinic and has conducted counseling sessions for students through Harvard University Health Services.

Harvard also hired another advisor in the International Office to help international students navigate effects that Trump’s immigration bans will have on them.

But some members of ISGW…

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