Ultimate Canadians: Fredericton men trudge through blizzard for Tims coffee – New Brunswick

Not even a major New Brunswick blizzard was going to come between two Fredericton coffee lovers and their caffeine fix.

What started out as a joke between colleagues and friends Darryl Schulz and Chris Moore quickly turned into a serious quest for coffee at around 10 a.m. Monday — right in the middle of a treacherous blizzard that lasted all day and brought in more than 75 centimetres of snow.

Friends Chris Moore, left, and Darryl Schulz walked two hours in Monday’s storm to get to a coffee shop. (Chris Moore and Darryl Schulz)

Inside his Garden Street house near the Shannex Parkland, Schulz said he could barely see out the windows because of the extreme whiteout conditions. But that wasn’t going to keep him from his daily coffee routine.

“You know, got to make the coffee run,” Schulz said in an interview with Heather Hiscox on CBC News Network.  

The ultimate Canadians

Chris Moore enjoys his coffee in a snowbank outside Tim Hortons during the blizzard Monday. (Darryl Schulz)

His friend Moore called a Tim Hortons along the Hanwell Road to see if it was open, which it was.

‘I was like, ‘We could make that, it’s walkable,'” Schulz said. “It’s only a couple of kilometres.”

The friends bundled up in snow gear, donned ski goggles and began their trek. 

Not your typical Tims break

Long stormy trek to Tim Hortons4:19

Visibility was low and the snow deep. Although no vehicles were in sight, the men played it safe, hugging the shoulder of the road all the the way to the coffee shop.

‘We had to drink it out in the snowbank because it was too hot.’
– Chris Moore

“It was really bad out,” said Schulz. “The drifts were pretty significant yesterday.”

When the duo finally reached their destination, the lights were out and they were convinced the coffee shop had closed.

Then they spotted a few people inside, sipping coffee or soup.

“Initially, it was success and…

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