TRACKING THE TROPICS: Monitoring two developing storms near the Gulf of Mexico

by: Christine Rapp

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring two systems moving across the Atlantic this week. Both are expected to continue developing over the next five days.

One system is located near the Yucatan Peninsula and portions of the southeastern Gulf of Mexico. This broad cluster of storms remains disorganized at this time, but is expected to strengthen and develop an area of circulation through Tuesday. A tropical or subtropical cyclone is likely to form in the southern and central Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly through this storm on Monday, if necessary.

Meanwhile, further southeast, a second disturbance continues to form off the northeast coast of South America. It is currently producing 40 mph sustained winds as it moves west at 23 mph.  

This potential tropical cyclone is expected to intensify into a tropical cyclone on Monday. This system is expected to move into the Caribbean and eventually weaken later this week.

Hurricane hunters are scheduled to fly and investigate this developing system on Monday to determine if a well-defined center exists, as well as to monitor the strength of this cyclone.  

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