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This Galaxy Note 7 clone won’t explode in your hand

We probably should have seen this one coming out of China, but we didn’t: a phone that’s “explosion-proof.” That’s right, a company went ahead and designed a phone that should not explode. But then again, no smartphone should explode, and buyers probably don’t look for explosion-proof handsets in the first place.

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is probably what “inspired” the Elephone S7. It’s a phone that looks very much like a Samsung flagship. It’s made of glass and steel, and it’s got the right curves.

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Specs wise, the Elephone S7 comes in various options, with RAM ranging from 2GB to 4GB and storage options available from 16GB to 64GB. More RAM is bundled with more storage, and those are the most expensive versions you can buy. The phone is available for presale in China, and ships in several colors,…

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