There’s never been a better time to be a baseball lover in NYC

Baseball fans are worriers. They are complainers and kvetchers, they are forever looking for the other spike to drop, they are always on the lookout for curses, jinxes, poxes and hexes. They are skeptics and cynics and critics. They are hard to please, harder still to satisfy.

And yet …

As the 2017 baseball season dawns in New York City …

There is an awful lot of optimism swirling about.

Mets fans feel good about their team, and rightly so, what with all that pitching, with a lineup that should be strong enough and deep enough to avoid the brown-outs that have plagued them the past two years. Yankees fans feel good about the direction their team is going, and have seen just enough from a spring training in which the team has won just about every day to dream about speeding up the process.

This doesn’t mean the dark clouds have all vanished, of course. All it will take is for one of the Mets’ starting pitchers to see his velocity dip a few miles per hour; all it will take is for Gary Sanchez or Greg Bird to suffer through an early 3-for-30 slump, and we’ll all be back in our comfort zone as baseball fans, convinced the baseball world is lined up against us, no matter which side of the street we hang our hats.

But that’s for later on.

For now, there is the Yankees opening up in St. Petersburg, Fla., Sunday afternoon against the Rays. There is the Mets opening up in Citi Field on Monday afternoon against the Braves. There is all that pitching for the Mets, all that young hitting for the Yankees. There is, indisputably, more shared optimism than at any time in the teams’ shared history in New York.

Jose Reyes hugs Yoenis Cespedes after a Mets win at Citi Field.Charles Wenzelberg

“I like where we are and I like what I’ve seen,” Mets manager Terry Collins said a few weeks ago. Collins has been through enough rodeos to know you have to be careful about getting too far ahead of yourself in February and March. Still: “All you ask as a manager…

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