There wasn’t a ‘Trump effect’ in Washington

Donald Trump’s stunning revolution mostly skipped Washington. If anything, it helped elect a few more Democrats.

Donald Trump’s tangerine revolution stunned the nation. But unlike seismic elections past, Trump’s win had surprising little effect on Washington state’s election.

From governor on down, the expected winners won. Polls around here actually turned out to be right. There were no Trump-like, insurgent, burn-down-the-establishment conservatives carried to victory in Washington. This was not what pundits call a “wave election.”

The closest thing to a Trumper on the statewide ballot was evangelical Republican Marty McClendon, who ran for lieutenant governor. He lost by 11 points. There were no shocking surprises on the initiatives either.

The lack of a Trump-style shocker in blue Washington might be because he got just 38 percent of the vote — the weakest Republican showing since Bob Dole in 1996. That’s despite the enthusiastic cheerleading from state GOP party chair Susan Hutchison.

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That’s not to say Trump’s candidacy had no effect, especially as voters waded deep into the book-length voter guide. Read the election results closely and you can make an argument that Trump helped make 2016 a decent year for Democrats in the Legislature.

From left, Senate Majority Coalition members Joe Fain, R-Auburn, Steve Litzow, R-Mercer Island, and Rodney Tom, D-Medina, huddle on the floor of the Senate.

The clearest “Trump effect” victim was Republican state Sen. Steve Liztow. His center-left 41st Legislative District on Mercer Island is full of the type of moderate Republican and independent voters who shunned Trump. Like other GOP moderates — including gubernatorial candidate Bill Bryant and U.S. Senate candidate Chris Vance — Litzow disavowed Trump’s “racist, misogynist and fascist comments.”

No luck. Political consultant Ben Anderstone told…

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