The Ten Enviable Engineer Traits

There are certain traits of engineers that the internet has taken by storm and acclaimed these traits as reasons why an engineer is a person everyone should know. So, on a positive stance it appears it is not solely the work engineers do that influence our world for the better, it is also the traits they bring to others that lead them to be sought after friends and companions. Lifehack explored the idea by speaking to partners of engineers and the list devised based on the results is as follows:

Engineers absorb information quickly: Due to the profession requiring acute attention to detail, specific day to day decisions can be made quickly. This leads engineers to be quite thoughtful on the whole, they are willing to take on new challenges and experiences and committing to a decision does not scare them.

Engineers are committed: Because of the amount of effort and research an engineer has to undergo to enter the field and remain there successfully they take pride in their dedication to things. Their demanding careers require long term planning which can translate into relationships.

Engineers are organized: Many engineers are particular about where specific things must be, they are well time kept and like to ensure they know what will happen at certain points in their life. They like to have, and often it is essential, that they have access to upcoming information of technology and solutions. If you live with an engineer expect a clean, organised home (with the exception of perhaps the garage or workshop).

Engineers are go-getters: Engineers can be labelled and called many things, but lazy certainly isn’t one of them. The desire to do something useful and make a difference means their brains are constantly busy devising plans and ideas. There is nothing more demanding and frustrating than being defeated by a problem which leads them to attack issues from various angles, which is a great trait to have in both relationships and friendships.

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