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Turn Your Photos to a Compelling Story in 1 Minute

AmoLink empowers everyone to show photos in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way.

Recently, Aomy Link Technology Co. has launched the online photo storytelling web application – AmoLink Version 2.0, which enables individuals and business to create stunning photo stories. In this version, AmoLink delights users with a simple design flow and intuitive interface that look great on any devices.

Fully based on the latest HTML5 technology, AmoLink debuted as a photo show maker in 2014, which empowers everyone to show photos in a dynamic, engaging, and fun way. Users can easily make animated greeting cards, invitations, collages, photo albums, photo books, resumes, presentations, infographics and so on with music.

This year, AmoLink makes creation even easier. “Users can make beautiful and professional-looking visual stories at fingertips,” remarked AmoLink team. “In this version, we optimize the editing mode to reduce users’ learning curve as much as possible. That’s why even for people who have zero design skills can make something amazing with AmoLink.”

“People often say that a good picture is worth a thousand words, but it does not always turn out like that. Most of the time, what a photo can tell is really limited. Thanks to the smartphone, now we can easily take hundreds of thousands of digital photos. However, not much people really know how to make those special moments sparkle. Instead of the typical jumble of different photos on Instagram, a photo story will make a great difference. In contrast with Snapchat’s trendy idea of burning after reading, AmoLink seeks for extension of personal moments and flicking that photos can bring back the forgotten memories.”

“AmoLink is changing its role from a photo editor to photo storyteller,” Beank Tong, the founder and CEO said. “For individuals, all memorable moments can be preserved through a photo story, no matter adventurous travel, tearful wedding, family gathering, and holiday celebration etc. For business, AmoLink is an excellent content creator to tell visual story for brand that engages targeted prospects, such as company profile, promotional campaign and product demo.”

Key features of AmoLink include:

Easy Editing Mode

AmoLink’s easy editing mode makes design process a no-brainer. Users can handle it with smoothest drag-and-drop manipulation, and it only takes 1 minute to create a wonderful work. How come? AmoLink has massive designer-made templates in a variety of aesthetic and tones for all occasions, such as birthday cards, wedding invitation, love story, baby photo show, family photo book etc. Users can easily customize these templates to their owns. Just pick a template,…

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