The Muslim And Arab Compulsory Dress Code –

By: Jefferson G. Togba

Jefferson G. Togba

From every understanding, we know culture is undeniably the way of life. This way of life is largely determined by the people and not its authority. Because of this the Westphalia Treaty came into effect on 24th October 1648 after the thirty year-war granting each territory a Nation-State status. By that every sovereign Nation-State decides how citizens’ freedom is protected and acts according to norms through the authority’s enforcement only when other cosmopolite citizen culture abuses yours.

Ever since dress code has been taken seriously with the Arab, mostly in countries with huge Muslim’s population. However, comparatively, Indonesia as the world’s largest Muslim state does not restrict people to dress code.

Even other Nation-State citizens have been compelled to dress according to the Muslim culture and dress code practices whenever females in particular visit their country to take up resident. Living by norms is very important, but when similar cultural norms are enforced by other Nation-States’ authority to practice the way of life for residence,this is viewed as being intolerant and anti-Muslimism and perceived themselves as targets. Why play deceit with others?

Enforcement of the law straightly guarantees culture and protects it. However, those who are doing so must not infringe on others` fundamental and acceptable cultural lives. Since one’s cultural freedom means giving them justice, freedom and justice must not coerce and be demeaning by state authority just to overprotect culture. Moreover, I think the Muslim and Arab world are missing out on the global connectedness of oneness and the freedom to practice culture. It’s not by force, but understanding and mutual respect for other’s orientation of life.


Trust me. What just happened to those three girls for wearing leggings being an Arab citizens or Muslim,and then they would have seen it differently as “declaring…

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