The First Wedding Album Viewable on a Large Screen TV is Released to the Public

My Wedding Day photo albums on TV

The First Wedding Photo Album for your TV. Enjoy your beautiful photos the way they meant to be enjoyed. announced the launch of a conceptually new online service – Wedding Photo Albums. It is the first easy to use service that allows non-technical people to create beautiful digital wedding photo albums that can be viewed on virtually any screen including 4K TVs in a matter of minutes. The service organically grew from a DIY project to a full-blown service.

The news is a big deal because it is the first digital service that lets you see your beautiful professionally done, and very expensive, wedding photos the way they are meant to be viewed – on a large screen or 4K television set. automatically optimizes all images before they are viewed on large screen TVs. All images are conformed to utilize the benefits of the latest screen-casting devices such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

“It’s so easy – a grandma can do it” – is the tagline that says it all. This is the first service specifically designed for the regular non-internet and non-technical person. Anyone can open an account and start creating beautiful and inexpensive wedding photo albums, all on their own in just minutes. Once the album is created, it can be immediately shared with family, friends, and the rest of the World.

The words that pop up in mind when you see your newly created wedding album on a large screen or TV are “awesome” and “fresh”. The albums also look amazing on the smaller size devices such as note books and desktop computers. “What you see in the first release is just the beginning. The company has a lot of…

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