The Finance 202: ‘Made in America’ week belies weak manufacturing numbers


Welcome to “Made in America” Week, the latest attempt by the White House to get back on offense by hammering a theme from President Trump’s economic agenda. 

If past is prologue, drama from the health-care debate and new Russia revelations — reinforced by Trump tweets — will swamp the message. And the domestic manufacturing push starts out as a tough sell for a president whose retail empire outsources much of its production abroad. Ditto for Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and adviser, whose own company relies exclusively on foreign factories in Bangladesh, Indonesia, China and elsewhere, a recent investigation by The Post revealed

As of Sunday morning, the White House didn’t have a good answer for the Trump family’s apparent double standard: 


Trump campaigned on a pledge to restore American manufacturing might in order to bring back a line of work that once offered solid wages, good benefits and security without much advanced training required. And he’s tried to cheerlead an industrial jobs revival he says is already underway:

The data tell a different story. Amid otherwise decent job growth this year, manufacturing has been a weak spot, with the sector’s share of U.S. employment hitting a record low in June at just under 8.47 percent. That continues a steady, decades-long slide in manufacturing employment, that, while slowing in recent years, is heading in the same direction.

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