Tennis legend: The sport is ‘full of lesbians’

Tennis legend Margaret Court has added fuel to her anti-gay controversy by claiming “tennis is full of lesbians” and transgender children are the work of “the devil.”

The 74-year-old Court, who won 24 Grand Slam events in her amazing career, made the comments on 20Twenty Vision Christian Radio.

“I mean, tennis is full of lesbians, because even when I was playing there was only a couple there, but those couple that led took young ones into parties and things,” said Court, now a Christian pastor.  “And you know, what you get at the top is often what you’ll get right through that sport.”

She insisted she was not against gay people, but wanted to help them.

“We’re there to help them overcome. We’re not against the people,” she said. “They’re human beings and 92 percent, they say in America, have either been abused in some form sexually or emotionally at an early age for them to even be this way.”

Asked about transgender children, she claimed their minds had been corrupted and it was the work of the devil.

“But with the literature, the bullying, the stuff that’s put out today into children’s minds, I tell you what, if you haven’t got parents who bring you up that way and you’ve got parents that don’t care and you’re hurt and offended in somebody saying something to you,” Court said.

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“I tell you, a child can just start to think ‘Well, maybe I am a girl’ when they’re a boy or and maybe ‘I’m a boy and I’m a girl.’ Your thoughts — even medically they’re knowing now — the mind is a battlefield and that’s why I wrote that book ‘Train Your Brain’ because the mind is, it’s all in the Bible.

“God’s got so much in there about the mind how it affects us, affects our emotions, our feelings, you can think ‘Oh I’m a boy’ and it’ll affect your emotions and feelings, and everything else and so that’s all the devil. That’s what Hitler did, that’s what…

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