Taylor Budowich: Anti-Trump movement is nothing like Tea Party | Guest Columnist


LEFT-OF-CENTER pundits and activists across the nation are upset about November’s election results. As they continue grasping for answers, they are mistakenly trying to draw parallels between today’s anti-Trump protests and the tea party movement in the false hope that political salvation is just around the corner.

When people think of the tea party, they often remember the national protests. However, the movement’s legacy was not cemented by rallies. Instead, it is being realized through continuous waves of victories at the ballot box.

Most importantly for conservative activists, those election victories are likely to continue because there is a strong tea party presence in the very essence of the conservative, Republican political infrastructure.

The tea party’s coming of age can be traced to January 2010, in a special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in dark blue Massachusetts.

It was no surprise that the media reported we had no chance, as the state had not elected a Republican senator to that seat in more than 50 years — not to mention the fact that 62 percent of the state’s voters had just cast ballots in support of Barack Obama. However, the tea party shocked the media and the world by winning handily and sending Scott Brown to Washington.

Through this victory, in which the Tea Party Express played…

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