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Synthetic Biology competition team creates light bulb from e-coli – Next Big Future

Newcastle University students have attempted to create a novel field of synthetic biology by fusing biology with electronics. Their project involved looking at electronic circuitry and combining biology and electronics to create alternative parts resulting in an electro-biological system. They used the HtpG heat shock promoter to make a biological, heat-induced light bulb, modifying the pores of E. coli to generate a higher electrical output from a microbial fuel cell, along with a biological capacitor and light-dependent resistors.

The Newcastle team is competing in the 2016 International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). It is an annual global competition that ends in a synthetic biology science fair called the Giant Jamboree. The eight-person team from Newcastle is just one of 300 teams from 40 countries.

The Newcastle team has set out to create biological…

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