Sweden pledges to cut all greenhouse gas emissions by 2045

Sweden has committed to completely phase out greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 and called for all countries – including the US – to “step up and fulfil the Paris Agreement”. 

In one of the most ambitious emissions plans published by a developed nation, the Swedish government has reaffirmed the urgency of tackling climate change, ignoring uncertainties about global policies under Donald Trump’s administration

“Our target is to be an entirely fossil-fuel-free welfare state,” said Climate Minister Isabella Lovin. 

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“We see that the advantages of a climate-smart society are so huge, both when it comes to health, job creation and also security. Being dependent on fossil fuels and gas from Russia is not what we need now,” she added. 

All parties but the far-right Sweden Democrats party agreed to pass the law in the coming month, which will oblige the government to set tougher goals to cut fossil fuel emissions every four years until the 2045 cut-off date. 

Plans also include a 70 per cent cut to emissions in the domestic transport sector by 2030. 

The Government said the target would require domestic emissions to be cut by at least 85 per cent and the remaining emissions would be offset by planting trees or by sustainable investments abroad. 

The law is expected to enter into force as early as 2018. 

Britain has committed to cut its emissions by 57 per cent by 2032 but so far, the government is nowhere near on track to meet its goal and the latest report predicts the target would be missed by the equivalent of all the greenhouse gases currently produced by industry.

The image of Ms Lovin signing the emissions order appeared to be a reference to this image of Mr Trump, surrounded by men, signing an executive order hitting foreign NGOs that help women have abortions (Getty)

The Independent previously revealed the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan, which was supposed to be published in March…

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