Surveillance footage shown at trial of accused Loblaws killer – Edmonton

Jayme Pasieka stared straight ahead as video footage from the Loblaws warehouse where he is accused of stabbing six colleagues was played in court on Friday.

Pasieka didn’t look up as the video showed him pulling into the parking lot in west Edmonton, punching in on the time clock or picking up a pallet jack that he was supposed to use for his shift. And he had no reaction when the video showed a group of men rushing to help a colleague who had been hurt.

Edmonton police believe Jayme Pasieka was drinking prior to buying two large knives and heading in to work for his afternoon shift at the Loblaw warehouse Feb. 28th. (EPS)

Minutes later on the video, Pasieka is seen striding down a long, wide warehouse aisle as the men scatter. Pasieka is dressed all in black and his posture is erect as he strides toward the group. His shoulders swing slightly to the front and the back with each step he takes.

The video was played on the fourth day of his trial on two counts of first-degree murder and four charges each of attempted murder and aggravated assault. Pasieka, 32, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. 

“There was nothing but fear and chaos …The best way to describe it is absolute terror,” said Sgt. Michael Dreilich of the Edmonton police about what he saw when he arrived on the scene on Feb. 28, 2014.

Some men were running out of the warehouse, while others were speeding away in their cars.

Court has previously heard that Pasieka came to work that day wearing a combat-style vest, and that he attacked colleagues with two knives.

Fitzroy Harris, 50 and Thierno Bah, 41, were both fatally wounded in the attack. Four other men suffered injuries that required everything from surgery to stitches.

​The men who testified said the attack seemed to come out of nowhere. One man said he paid no mind when Pasieka walked into the aisle, until he was in his face and stabbing him in the chest.

The court has heard that Pasieka attacked several men,…

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