Stabbing Death in Nashville Highlights Need for Increased Home Security

Nashville has become the “it” city and some neighborhoods have developed a reputation for being particularly cool. In the eyes of many, Wedgewood-Houston is one of those undeniably cool areas. Once a less desirable part of town, it is now bustling with coffee shops, trendy restaurants, and hipsters living in newly renovated, million dollar homes and apartments. However, the murder of one Wedgewood-Houston resident revealed that a great up-and-coming neighborhood does not eliminate the risk of crime and home invasions.

On February 28th, a 23-year-old nurse – Tiffany Ferguson – was stabbed to death in her upscale apartment building. According to The Tennessean, the perpetrator allegedly broke into the house and stabbed Ferguson to death. It is reported that the victim’s roommate found her severely wounded and screaming in her bed. She was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries. The alleged killer entered through the front door.

“Many people think that living in a nice neighborhood means that they don’t need to protect themselves,” said security consultant Alan Young. “Today’s ‘trendy’ neighborhoods were yesterday’s bad neighborhoods and crime has really increased everywhere.”

So does this mean that Nashville’s current and future residents should be concerned about the safety of this rapidly growing city? According to The Tennessean, approximately 85 people move into the Nashville area every day. Will incidents like this deter new residents from moving into areas like Wedgewood-Houston when moving into town?

“This isn’t an issue with Wedgewood-Houston or Nashville being dangerous.” Said Young, “in the past several years there have been home invasions in suburban areas such as Brentwood and Belle Meade. This also isn’t about Nashville being a particularly dangerous city….

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