St. Mary’s College of Maryland Launches 911SHIELD Safety App to Enhance Community Safety

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We are honored to equip the campus community with this advanced safety technology. With the launch of 911Shield, the campus community now has access to vital safety tools right in the palm of their hands.

St. Mary’s College of Maryland is launching a new safety app for the College community, entitled 911Shield, with a technology that can accurately locate individuals who are in distress.

“Although the College is a safe place, we are always looking for ways to further enhance our suite of safety services. We’re excited about launching the 911Shield app because it provides our campus community with greater access to safety resources,” said Tressa Setlak, director of public safety.

The primary function of 911Shield is to serve as an emergency communication tool between the College community and campus police. The 911Shield app offers four major features: emergency calling, iReport, Friend Watch, and campus information.

The emergency call feature allows users to access emergency services at the push of a button. Instead of relying solely on emergency poles, which are fixed into place, the campus community now has the ability to signal for emergency assistance 24/7, from anywhere on and off campus, with just a push of their cell phone. The user will be immediately connected with campus police if on campus. Campus police are also automatically provided the users location and any profile information, such as a photo and any medical history that the app user chooses to share. If the user is not on campus, the app can still be used, and the caller is routed to the closest 911 call center.

The iReport feature, which may be used anonymously, allows users to send text messages along with photos and videos…

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