Simple Methods To Interact With Your Friends Live

You have a fiancé who has gone abroad? A friend who is studying in a different state? Parents who have gone on a cruise? Then one of the best and cheapest ways to keep in touch with them or communicate with them is by making video calls. All you need is a computer connected with fast internet service like the one offered by Time Warner Cable. They tend to be cheaper than making phone calls overseas which tends to cost a bomb. You need not wait for a time when making calls become cheap and then call your friends and relatives. All that is required for making a video call is a computer or laptop with a webcam and an internet connection. But nowadays making video call has become very flexible with the arrival of smart phones.

Video calls take E-learning to a whole new level. There is plenty of software that have virtual white board options. The students are taught by drawing/writing keywords and explanations on the board using the mouse. It’s convenient, alright, but you just can’t get the click right. The pointer goes that way, when you want it to go this way. Sure, you have drawing tablets, but aren’t they a tad expensive? Here’s where video calls come to the rescue. You can conduct live lessons on a real whiteboard, write and erase comfortably without any hassles and explain lessons in your own voice. You don’t have to type in lengthy explanations and there are high chances of the student understanding better. Isn’t it better to see a real face teach you things at your own convenience?

One of the best features of video calls is that you get to broadcast your views and opinions. There is no other means of communication where you can interact with a lot of people. Seriously, when compared to the normal means of communicating your opinion, this is more effective and you can get a large number of followers. Imagine you are dissatisfied with certain policies of the government and you want to express your opinion on it, you can broadcast your views to the people you know or to a large audience who could be press reporters. Not only you can express your opinion, you can also give suggestions and ways to improve the particular policy.

Internet and social media networks give companies the ability to recruit and screen potential candidates no matter how far they live. It is the online video conferencing application that is playing a key role in shifting the traditional ways of interview practices to the new way. Most companies call a person for interview by giving him traveling expense, food expense and an accommodation in a nice hotel. Imagine the money they could have saved by conducting those interviews on a video conferencing mode. By conducting online interviews, a company can connect to more than two job candidates at the same time. This helps them to save time and money, other than tapping into a wider pool of applicants.

For job applicants, online interviews give a chance to stand out from the regular heat of competition, while…

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