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Oover the years I have found that, across different personalities, everyone has a different method that they use when shopping.

Recently, a family posed a few questions regarding couponing: specifically if it was difficult getting into the habit. The family, six individuals all together, went to the grocery store once a month. They thought that, by limiting their shopping trips, this would be a way to save money.

Additionally, it was mentioned that they took the time to notate all of the items needed in that monthly shopping trip on a shopping list that they bring with them.

While there isn’t anything wrong with creating shopping lists, breaking away from their current monthly shopping habits would open up the option to schedule their trips around weekly sales ads. Even if you don’t take advantage of the savings offered through coupons, you will still save money through planning your purchases around a store’s sale schedule.

It may not be immediately obvious what the sales cycle of a specific store is, but even something as simple as checking for meat sales will save you money.

Stores rely on customers needing an item and purchasing it when needed so, when you walk through a store without a plan of when to buy specific items, it will cost you money.

Sale cycles, as a general rule of thumb, run on a six to eight week cycle. Knowing this as a couponer, you’ll want to match an ongoing sale with coupons to ensure that you are purchasing the items while they are at the lowest possible prices.

Meat prices generally cycle through a sale every four or five weeks. One exception to this rule are holiday clearance events held by the store to clear out their remaining inventory.

Just recently, corned beef was on sale and, after Easter, you will see ham on placed on clearance.

When you go to the store, bring your shopping list along with you…

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