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Works by graduating art majors Jacob Gunnels, Lara Welford and Peter Maley are featured in the Recollections exhibit, which opens April 7 in the Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University in La Grande.

The first installment of spring senior capstone exhibitions with works by graduating art majors from Eastern Oregon University features photography, painting and sculpture.

“Recollections,” highlighting the works of Jacob Gunnels of Pendleton, Peter Maley of Condon and Lara Welford of Kilauea, Hawaii, opens Friday, April 7. A reception is planned from 6-8 p.m. in the Nightingale Gallery in Loso Hall on the university’s La Grande campus. It’s open to the public and there is no admission charge.

Gunnels shows his large, grainy, black and white photo prints, which impart the weight and emptiness of sadness and loss. In many cases, he obscures or even crops out the faces of his models entirely, further evoking the sense of a vague yet haunting memory. The ambiguity of Gunnels’ work emphasizes wholly on the emotion of loss: a loved one without a face.

The works of Maley struggles with the identity of lost household objects buried in the earth. His ceramic “tablets” portray these objects not as trash, but rather as a part of the landscape, slowly eroding away and blending back into the scenery. Maley utilizes clay — itself a part of the earth — as a method of blurring the line between what is natural and what is considered to be “man-made.”

Welford utilizes various types of paint on large non-traditional surfaces to explore old family photographs, re-imagined as dreamlike recollections. Welford draws much inspiration from her ability to recollect vivid spiritual dreams and her paintings attempt to explore further the boundary between reality and the dream world.

The gallery is open Monday through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m….

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