‘Scandal’ season 6 finale: Liv and Fitz say goodbye, some characters meet their demise

On Thursday’s “Scandal” two-hour finale, Olivia, Eli Pope and Fitz try to find Olivia’s mother, Maya, who they think is looking to assassinate the new president, Mellie.

After a failed effort, Olivia tells Mellie she’s in jeopardy and that a public inauguration may be out of the question. Meanwhile the new gladiator squad — Quinn, Charlie and Huck — also are on the lookout for Liv’s mother. Jack, Eli and David find out that Liv’s mother is looking to meet with a new contact from the CIA. Jack traces her to the contact’s hotel and arrests her.

In an interrogation room, Maya tells Eli she came to D.C. to protect her daughter. She then goes on a rant about Eli and tries to belittle him as he watches her through the glass of the interrogation room.

Liv finds the gladiators back at her old offices — which Quinn now runs — and hires them to find out if someone is trying to kill her, like her mother claims. Back at the interrogation room, Eli patiently watches Maya as she continues to rant. Eventually she breaks down. He then turns to Liv and tells her he’s now ready to go in and talk to her.
Eli asks Maya what her plans are and if she was behind Peus and plans to kill Mellie.

Maya denies that she has done anything wrong. She accuses him of not protecting Olivia. They argue about not being good parents to their daughter. Eli tries to break Maya, but she stands firm and says it’s not she who played him. He seems to believe her. He exits the room and gives Liv a stare as if they both know that she might be telling the truth.

At his dinosaur lab, Liv confronts her father about not wanting to interrogate her mother. Liv realizes that her dad might actually believe her mother and does not have the gumption to break her down. Eli tells Liv to have Mellie do the inauguration underground to avoid any danger. Meanwhile, Fitz recounts the time he was shot and tells Mellie to deter her from doing a public inauguration.

Abby, who was enlisted by Quinn to find Maya’s…

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