Saucy Canadians take a stand on pineapple pizzas after Iceland’s president anti-fruit comments – Windsor

A Canadian pizza shop owner has some saucy comments for Iceland’s president Guðni Johanesson in a bid to change the leader’s distaste for the sweet, yellow fruit.

Bob Abumeeiz of Arcata Pizza in Windsor, Ont. was shocked to read about the cheeky comments from Johanesson, who said pineapple should be banned as a pizza topping.

The comments became a tasty controversy that topped culinary headlines around the world this week, prompting some restaurant owners to send their own pies to Johanesson.

Bob Abumeeiz of Arcata Pizza in Windsor, Ont. joked about sending two of his Hawaiian-style pizzas to Icelandic president Guðni Johanesson, who said pineapple should be banned as a topping. (Nathan Swinn/CBC)

Abumeeiz prepped two versions of his pineapple pies and joked to CBC he should send them to Iceland as proof that pineapple belongs on pizza. The long-time cook has a lengthy list of pizza recipes that include pineapple, saying salty items like ham and bacon, or hot peppers help offset the sweetness.

“I don’t think he’s using pineapple the proper way,” he said of the president. “If he uses it the proper way, he will be convinced pineapple goes with pizza.”

Reaction to the president’s comments prompted both pineapple pizza lovers and haters to express their passion on social media.

Hawaiian pizza inventor offended

Johannesson also mildly offended Sam Panopoulos, the man credited for inventing the Hawaiian pizza when he tossed on the sweet topping one night in his Chatham, Ont. restaurant back in the 1960s.

Panopoulos didn’t mince words when responding to the Icelandic president’s comments.

“He can have whatever he wants — I don’t care,” Panopoulos told CBC’s As It Happens. “He can do whatever he wants as far as I’m concerned.”

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