Sask. family of 4 ditches large home for ‘morphing’ condo – Saskatoon

It took three years for Grant Martens to purge most of his worldly possessions to fulfil his dream of living in a morphing condo.

Martens, along with his wife and two teenage daughters, decided to leave their 2,700 square foot Eaton’s catalogue home in Rosetown, Sask., for an 800 square foot condo in Saskatoon.

This is Grant Martens’ old home in Rosetown, Sask. (Submitted by Grant Martens)

He told CBC Radio’s Saskatoon Morning the push to make his dream a reality came when he was visiting the Bridge City and drove past a sign for The Banks development on 19th Street, next to the farmer’s market.

When his family decided to take the plunge to sell their house and buy a modular condo, they started to downsize to the equivalent of four minivans full of personal belongings.

Martens said the next step was to watch YouTube video after YouTube video about how to fit all of their things into their new, much smaller, two bedroom home.  

The two bedroom condo has one large area that serves as a living room and dining room. (Submitted by Grant Martens)

The dining table folds out to seat ten people. (Submitted by Grant Martens)

“What we’ve done is we’ve looked up the activities that we did as a family and we broke it down into activities that had to run concurrently at the same time,” he explained, adding the interior construction of their two bedroom home was inspired by online videos of morphing furniture in compact spaces.

“Things fold up into the wall [and] get out of the way, so whatever you’re doing, you have the space to do it.”

He said although he gets weird reactions when he tells people about their decision to downsize, he’s happy about the move.

“It’s really freeing — it’s like the old days in University where you can throw your whole life into a car and drive away.”

The 800 square foot condo might seem small for a family of four, but there is more storage space than meets the eye. (Submitted by Grant Martens)

The walls slide…

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