Salesforce preps guidance feature for its Einstein AI technology

Salesforce is testing a version of its Einstein artificial intelligence service internally to help project sales and give guidance. CEO Marc Benioff said an internal spin of this Einstein Guidance feature has made the artificial intelligence technology another member of the management team.

It’s not clear when this Einstein Guidance feature will roll out broadly, but it was one of the big takeaways on Salesforce’s first quarter earnings conference call. Here’s a look at the three takeaways:

Artificial intelligence

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Benioff said artificial intelligence is being adopted in the enterprise as part of digital transformation. Benioff also portrayed its Einstein AI platform as a person. We’ll just give you the passage from the earnings conference call in full:

We then have a piece of Einstein now that we’ve not yet rolled out to our customers called Einstein [Guidance]. So this is a capability that I use with my staff meeting, when I do my forecast and when I do my analysis of the quarter, which happens every Monday at my staff meeting like a lot of CEOs do, it’s a very typical process, of course, we have our top 20 or 30 executives around the table. We talk about different regions, different products, different opportunities….

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