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The Audi A4 is an excellent car, but it’s not perfect. So, what does that make the Allroad version? And if the standard model hasn’t got a great drive or pin-sharp feedback in the first place, what effect does adding extra body height, comfort, isolation and flexibility, not to mention a modicum of off-road ability, have on the overall feel? We drove the Allroad in quattro Sport 3.0 TDI 218 S tronic guise to find out.

The standard, non-adaptive-dampered, Allroad rides 34mm higher than normal, and performance drivers (and road testers) don’t usually like that kind of increased suspension travel and reduced feel. But, in fact, the Allroad’s compromises have actually made it a better car than its normal stablemate.

Fitted with said adaptive dampers, the drive modes range from comfortable if slightly soft Comfort all the way through to the rather taut Dynamic. Left in Auto, the platform automatically adjusts for any situation it finds itself in. Whatever mode you go for, combined with longer wheel travel and softer springing it all gives great ride quality with no great impact on handling quality.

This gentle and controlled experience is well matched by the mellow mid-range 3.0-litre V6 diesel. This highly refined powerplant has plenty of horsepower, and its torque pours out from below 1500rpm all the way up to 4000rpm-plus. Even better, it costs only £2000 over its 2.0-litre unit counterpart, without much in the way of the usual accompanying road…

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