Red Hat exec talks open source strategies, innovation and VMware

Red Hat has become, more or less, a trusted broker for organizations interested in taking advantage of open source strategies. Even if Red Hat acquires a company’s technology through traditional methods, that technology will find its way into the open source community through Red Hat.

But how does a company like Red Hat make a decision to either work with a company through open source or acquire it? And what kind of effect is open source having on the market and, in particular, the players still taking a mainly proprietary approach?

In this Q&A, Craig Muzilla, senior vice president of Red Hat’s application platforms business group, explains Red Hat’s philosophies around open source and how it spurs broad-based innovation. He also discusses how Red Hat views technologies like containers in contrast to virtual machines and what that means in terms of competition with vendors like VMware.

It seems like companies will either take an acquisition strategy or an open source strategy when it comes to incorporating another. I know that Red Hat has done both, so how does Red Hat make a decision about acquiring a company versus incorporating the technology through open source?

Craig Muzilla: We’re an open source company first and always will be. And part of the principles that we use is that we are always looking for the strongest, most popular and most innovative open source communities.

Craig Muzilla

I’ll give OpenShift as an example. OpenShift was started by us. We did a small acquisition to sort of bootstrap it, and then we began doing some projects. So, when we…

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