Recipients of ACEA Bioscience’s Travel Award Announced for Winter 2017

ACEA Biosciences, a privately owned biotechnology company that develops cutting edge instrumentation for cell-based assays, disperses a quarterly travel award to noteworthy scientists who will be presenting research using ACEA Biosciences’ technology at scientific conferences. Today the company announced that its new round of awards are being given to two postdoctoral fellows studying pathogen capture by neutrophils, and the impact of epigenetics on chemotherapy efficacy.

Dr. Calum Robb, a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Adriano Rossi at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, was selected for his poster entitled “Flow cytometric assessment, quantification and regulation of human neutrophil extracellular traps” which he will present at the CYTO 2017 Conference being held June 10-14 in Boston, MA. Beyond their well characterized role as phagocytes, granulocytic neutrophils are also able to ensnare and neutralize pathogens using a secreted extracellular fibril matrix consisting of DNA, histones, and a variety of anti-bacterial proteins. Though the employment of these neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) is thought to be an evolutionarily ancient defense strategy, the mechanisms regulating this process are not yet fully understood. With the goal of elucidating these mechanisms, Robb developed a NovoCyte® flow cytometer-based assay that enabled him to track changes in NET formation when key proteins or pathways were pharmacologically modulated. Using this approach, Robb probed the roles of superoxide anion, intracellular calcium pools, and the phospholipase C pathway in NET formation. The efficiency and versatility of Robb’s assay are expected to accelerate the rate of progress in this relatively new field.

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