Letter to the editor:

What Americans want is for their health care needs to be fully met at an affordable cost. Simply having freedom to access insurance is clearly not enough. Plans must cover essential services, including those that are preventative in nature. People with pre-existing conditions must be protected. Those of limited means must be helped to secure the deserved coverage. Obviously, government must play a role in effecting this scenario. Just how much health care pain is the Republican Party prepared to inflict? The Obamacare replacement plans they prepared to date suggest no compassion for those who will surely suffer greatly if those plans indeed become law.

Mary F. Warren; Wheaton, Ill.

Letter to the editor:

I desperately hope that our senators will protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act; not replace it with the House’s American Health Care Act, which is not a health care bill but a tax cut for corporations and the extremely wealthy. If the ACA is repealed, the government will end up spending more money on the consequences of people not having health insurance. Trumpcare is an attempt to cut costs on paper while increasing actual health care costs.

My husband, like 23 million others, will lose health coverage by 2021 if the ACA is repealed. He is mentally ill and depends on the care of his doctors and medications that have helped so much in improving his condition.

I also know of people who could lose their lives should the ACA be repealed. There are cancer patients whose condition was discovered during routine examination…