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The environment is about to take center stage in American politics — a rare but potentially transformational moment in the brief, brown history of the Trump administration.

Today and again next weekend, tens of thousands of people are expected to participate in environment-oriented marches at the Washington Mall and around the country. First, they’ll protest President Donald Trump’s proposed science budget cuts and urge Trump to take science into account when making policy decisions on the environment and research. Next week, the goal is to raise awareness about global warming in the wake of Trump’s move to erase environmental rules on coal power and as Trump ponders the United States’ future in the Paris Climate Accord.

Though the marches are being led by scientists and their closest supporters, the cause — the environment — could become a key driver for a much broader cohort of people who oppose the Trump administration and GOP’s efforts to promote carbon-oriented economics over environmental progress. While global warming and the environment in general have become wedge issues over the past two decades, polling and election results show environment often generates more argument than actual votes.

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