Plesk teams with Kolab for open source groupware

Plesk, one of the major providers of website management solutions, has chosen Kolab Systems’ groupware solution for its millions of users.

“You can now deploy Kolab in your Plesk installation with the Premium Email powered by Kolab extension. this extension is a step forward in the field of turn key groupware and online collaboration software. This package is easy and convenient to deploy — it can literally be installed in a few clicks, and it provides full Kolab functionality without the inconveniences and potential pitfalls of having to install Kolab from the ground up,” said Kolab Systems in a press release.

This deal shows us why smart companies put their eggs in the open source basket instead of relying on proprietary solutions.

Kolab makes everyone’s life easy

Those people who have ran and managed mail servers are quite aware of the challenges that it poses, given the criticality of email. One wrong configuration and all potential and existing customers will get bounced emails. You will lose business and customers. Running your email server can be so challenging that even companies like Linode ask you to think twice and instead use third party email services like Google apps.

Kolab changes that equation. This fully open source groupware solution from Switzerland has made it easy to run your own email server. In fact being a groupware solution, you get a Google App-like infrastructure. You get an email server, calendar, contact, collaborative edition, storage…and much more.

“Kolab provides stable and secure IMAP, POP and SMTP servers, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes and online file storage. Sysadmins can have it up and running in minutes, and users can share and collaboratively work on any and all of these assets sharing with individual colleagues, or whole teams straight away,” said the Kolab press release. I don’t have to trust their words as I run Kolab on my own server and I can say, as a user, that Kolab makes all of this as easy to use…

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