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You have just adopted a new puppy or kitten, dog, cat or other pet, and now it is time to name this new member of your family. Whether it is up to you or a group effort, be prepared for lots of choices and opinions.

Some pets already come with names they know and that you like, too. But often it is up to us to find the name that fits and one that everyone can agree they like the best.

Here are a few tips for finding that perfect name.

1. Avoid negative associations: You may think naming your dog Trouble or Killer is cute, but it may cause problems for the pet when people make assumptions about them that may not be true.

2. Think about personality and behavior: Names like Happy, Scooter, Pounce, Dasher, Digger and so forth can speak to who they are. Sometimes waiting a few days to name a pet can help as you take time to observe and get to know them.

3. Examine the pet: Is there something about your new pet’s looks that indicates a name, such as Smokey, Fluffy, Rusty, Spot, Goldie, Boots or Tiny?

4. Make it short: Names that are too long, such as Princess Butter Cup or Sir William Henry, are likely to be shortened fairly quickly, so if you go long choose those that could be shortened to an easy nickname. Think Chewy for Chewbacca, Indy for Indiana, Tink for Tinkerbell, or to initials like C.J. for Captain Jack, or B.C. for Baby Cakes.

5. Resist names that rhyme with “no.” If your pet’s name ends with a long 0 sound, they may come to believe they are in trouble every time you say it. Saying “No, Bo” is going to be confusing. (This suggestion is primarily for dogs).

6. Consider the trends: For a while there were lots of pets being named for liquor, such as Brandy, Corona, Merlot and Whiskey. Foods are also a popular choice, such as Meatball, Muffin, Pickles, Cookie, Shortbread, Crackers, Peanut, Pop Tart, Juicy, Pepper and Jelly…

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