PetroLMI launches expanded career planning tool with more than 100 oil and gas occupations to explore and compare

CALGARY, Alberta, March 29, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PetroLMI has launched an expansion to its Career Explorer, a unique online career planning tool, which allows users to browse, search and compare more than 100 occupations in the oil and gas industry, as well as explore their transferable skills to other occupations and other industry sectors.

“With some positive momentum in the oil and gas sector, this tool can help job seekers match their skills and qualifications to a number of occupations in the industry. It can also help oil and gas workers determine what competencies and training will be required if they want to move into other occupations – whether that’s to a more senior position or a different occupation altogether,” says Carol Howes, Enform’s Vice President of Communications and PetroLMI. “Employers can also use the tool to look at compatible occupations for internal transfers and labour force adjustments.”

Career Explorer provides information on skills, education and training requirements as well as working conditions in eight job categories: engineers, field workers, geoscience professionals, marine and nautical services, trades, business and operations support, operators and technology professionals. Each job category includes a list of example job titles and corresponding National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes as well as an overview of in-demand occupations.

PetroLMI’s website at has also been revised to include updated information on working in the industry, including the variety of activity across Canada, the kinds of innovation and technologies that are currently underway and being used and scholarships and grants available.

“Many new graduates aren’t aware of the diverse careers in the oil and gas industry,” says Howes. “We created this unique tool for users to be able to explore careers that may be related to their skills, qualifications and their preferences.”

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