Peroutka rejects racist comments by League of South founder

Responding to continuing questions about his past association with the League of the South, Councilman Michael Peroutka on Monday night distanced himself from racist comments made by the secessionist group’s leader.

At the start of the County Council’s meeting, Peroutka, R-Millersville, said recent online posts from League of the South founder and president Michael Hill — in which Hill pledges “to be a white supremacist, a racist, an anti-Semite, a homophobe, a xenophobe, an Islamophobe and any other sort of ‘phobe’ that benefits my people” — were “outrageous” and “inappropriate.” A recent editorial by The Capital pointed to the statements as evidence that the group espouses hateful views.

Peroutka said he “categorically denounced these and any other racist statements.”

“I do not believe and have never believed that racism is acceptable,” Peroutka said. “In both private and public policy, we must remember that God created only one race, the human race, and therefore all elevation or denigration of individuals or groups based on skin color is immoral and shameful, because it violates the law of nature and the law of nature’s God.”

“To be clear, I denounce and repudiate white supremacy, black supremacy and every form of favoritism and exclusion based on skin color,” he added.

Peroutka’s statement follows calls from local progressive and civil rights groups for the councilman to publicly reject racism and white supremacy. The request came after Bowie State University student Richard Collins III, a black man, was stabbed to death on the University of Maryland campus, allegedly by a white man from Severna Park, which is in Peroutka’s district. The FBI is investigating the killing as a possible hate crime.

The council unanimously passed a resolution repudiating racism at its last meeting, on June 5, after more than an hour of impassioned testimony from residents who overwhelmingly asked the council to…

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