P2P Cash Launches Money Transfer Service to Nigeria With No Transfer Fees

“We are very excited to be adding Nigeria as the seventh remittance destination for our ‘Free Money Transfer’ business model,” said P2P Cash CEO Tom Meredith.

P2P Cash, a Georgia-based digital financial services company, has opened a new money transfer service from the US states of Georgia and South Carolina to Nigeria. P2P Cash now offers cross-border money transfers at competitive exchange rates without any transfer fees. Nigerians and Nigerian-Americans in Georgia and South Carolina can find this new service at http://www.p2pcash.com. Customers may also download the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple Stores.

“We are very excited to be adding Nigeria as our seventh remittance destination,” said P2P Cash CEO Tom Meredith. “We continue to build our ‘Free Money Transfer’ business model as a new industry standard. This is not a promotional offer. We will never charge the transfer fees that other services do. We hope to motivate other services to take this consumer-friendly approach, eliminating unnecessary fees and letting customers send more money home.”

Peter Ojo, CEO/MD of VTNetwork LTD comments that “the P2P model is unique and that is why we are excited to partner with them for the benefit of Nigerians. We are committed to bringing remittance costs down while increasing inflow to Nigeria.”

P2P Cash’s aggressive no-fee pricing position is possible because of its proprietary Smart Token technology and global disbursement network.

“We built a highly efficient system that leverages the widespread ownership of mobile phones, cloud-based data storage, blockchain innovations and a virtual organizational structure to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering money between accounts across borders,” said Meredith. “We don’t…

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