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The Linux Foundation is on track to break the 1,000 participating organizations mark some time in 2017 and has set its sights on bringing more new and diverse voices into open source technology through training and outreach efforts. Even as the open source community continues to grow, Executive Director Jim Zemlin said at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February that the Foundation’s goal remains the same: to create a sustainable ecosystem for open source technology through good governance and innovation.

“We think that the job of the Foundation,” Zemlin said, “is to create that sustainable ecosystem. It’s to work with projects that solve a meaningful problem in society, in the market, to create really good communities.”

According to Zemlin, The Linux Foundation has trained more than 800,000 students, many of them at no cost. Training is crucial, he said, so the barrier both to contribute to open source and to use open source projects in more settings is lowered a little every day.

“We are trying to make sure that the projects that we work with have a set of practitioners and developers that can further increase the adoption of that particular code,” he said.

Zemlin is also thrilled that companies not traditionally known for their open source contributions are becoming excited about the opportunities The Linux Foundation and the open source code can provide.

“The thing I’m most proud about that is the fact that companies are coming in now from wholesale new sectors that hadn’t done a lot of open source work in the past,” Zemlin said. “Telecom, automotive, etc., are really learning how to do shared software development, understanding the intellectual property regimes that open source represents, and just greasing the skids for broader flow of code, which is incredibly important if your mission is to create a greater shared technology resource in the world.”

Zemlin was particularly excited about Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), a…

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