On politics, role models, books and world hunger: WSU’s Gabe Marks discusses the letter he wrote to his younger self

It probably comes as no surprise, but Gabe Marks looks up to iconic historical figures who weren’t afraid of sharing their opinions, no matter how contrarian or unpopular they might have been

Outspoken and honest, former Washington State receiver Gabe Marks has long been a big proponent of athletes using their platforms to be activists.

In this letter he wrote to his younger self at The Seattle Times’ behest, Marks tries to steel Young Gabe for tougher times ahead, both in football and in the world.

In the trying times that lie ahead, you will see more division, hate, and overall digression of people’s ability to empathize with one another than you could ever have imagined. I know it may be hard to understand now but your voice over time will prove to be far more valuable than anything that you could accomplish on a football field.”

Asked to name a cause he feels most strongly about in today’s world, Marks said, “Right now, just the overall treatment of people in the world. People being treated equally is a big issue, people’s understanding each other and overall empathy for other people is at an all time low.”

Marks also doesn’t shy away from saying that he’s “not a fan” of the Donald Trump administration – an opinion that runs against that espoused by his college coach. WSU head coach Mike Leach is friends with President Trump, and he stumped for Trump during his presidential campaign last fall.

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Marks says he and Leach have had lively but civil debates about their political views and they respect one another, though they don’t agree.

“We both feel the way we feel about it. I know a lot of people feel very strongly one way or the other. But coach Leach doesn’t have any deep rooted racial things or anything like that,” Marks said, adding that Leach’s support for Trump stems more from the coach’s belief that the president’s…

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